Council Profile

The Ga West Municipality in the last decade or so has been vibrant with the movement of people into that area for various reasons. This movement has impacted positively on the Catholic Church in the area.  The St. Sylvanus Catholic which is now over 65 years witnessed its fastest development during the period. Within a period of ten years, congregation which could worship under the shade of one tree has grown into of the biggest churches in the Arch dioceses and necessitating two masses each Sunday and five outstations in five communities and counting.

This rapid movement of people into the area led to a growing number of Marshallans moving in the area as well. Most of these Marshallans found themselves far from their mother Councils and Courts. Therefore attending Council/Court meetings and patronizing other activities of the Noble Order became difficult and expensive. This was made by the escalating fuel prices and the attendant increase in transport fares and the unending road construction works and the bumper to bumper traffic that was created as a result.


The few brothers and sisters worshipping at St Sylvanus Catholic Church started exploring the possibility of forming a Council and Court in the area. Pioneers in this discussion were Bro Stephen Akakpo, Bro Francis Beinpuo, Sis Caroline Akakpo, Sis Clementia Beinpuo, Sis Alice Vida Saanuo, Bro Acheampong (deceased). Gradually the number of brothers and sisters increased and therefore it was decided to formalize the discussion group. It was at this point that it was decided that is was decided to invite other brothers and sisters worshipping at St Bakhita, Amasaman to join. The responds to this invitation was enthusiastically received and brothers and sisters there joined us. With the joining of brothers and sisters from Amasaman, Sis Anastasia Rejoice Tomety then Past Noble Advisor became the first officer of the group. It is amazing to note that when this discussion group started there was not a single senior officer among the group. This is a reflection of the passion brothers and sisters had for having an Association and ultimately in having a Council and Court consecrated.


A constitution drafting Committee was appointed Chaired by Bro Stephen Akakpo with Bro. Christian Beinpuo as Secretary. Other members of the committee were Sis. Alice Saanuo and Bro. Eric. Bro Francis Beinpuo provided valuable advisor during the preparation of the document.


Following the adoption of the Constitution in 2003, the Pokuase Marshallan Association was formally inaugurated. The inauguration of the Association was done by W/Bro Amoako-Arhen support by W/Bro Ato Gordon and Sis —— Noble Lady of Court 67. The Holy Mass prior to the inauguration was said by Bro. Rev Fr. Edmund Ekow Neizer.


Subsequent to the inauguration, the Association received fraternal visits from Council 74 and Court 67 which visits provided encouragement and inspiration. It is not accident that the Association produced two substantive Grand Knights and a Noble Lady in the persons of Bro Francis Beinpuo, PGA (Council 64, Teshie 2006) Bro Emmanuel Salu (Council 20, Kpandu 2009) and Sis Caroline Akakpo PNA (CT 67 Accra Central 2009). Several other members were honoured for their meritorious serves to their various Councils and Courts. They include Bro Stephen Akakpo, Bro Twum Antwi, RL Sis Anastasia Tomety, Sis Clementia Beinpuo, Sis Veronica Sarpong and Sis. Margaret Twum Antwi.


Since the formation of the Association, it has undertaken a lot outreach activities to various Parishes including Nsawam, Adorgiri, St. Mugaga Kuntunse, St Bakhita Amasaman.

The current executives of the association are: Bro Stephen Akakpo President, Sis Clementia