Junior Order Profile

After a year since the senior Council and Court of the Noble Order of the Knight and Ladies of Marshal was consecrated at the St Sylvanus Catholic Church, Pokuase Accra West; Council 108 and Court 103, the Junior Council and Court has also been consecrated with name Queen of Patriarchs 75J. The consecration also saw the initiation of new members and installation of the first officers with Mr. Anothony Ashiboy Mensah and Miss Sarah Beinpuo as the first Grand Knight and Noble Lady respectively.

It was an interesting day for members of 75J. They were so happy and thankful to God to have had a Council and Court in their church. This was to them a dream come through and they could hide their excitement since after a long awaited hope of ending the stress they went through in travelling all the way to the Holy Spirit Cathedral for Council and Court meeting was going to be a thing of the past.

In attendance were past Junior Grand Knights and Noble Ladies, Grand Knights and Noble Ladies as well as junior brothers and sisters from 42J the former council and court for members of St. Sylvanus, and other council and courts who came to witness and support the occasion. Also present was the Regional Grand Knight Worthy brother Yaw Osei Opoku, some senior officers and senior brothers and sisters from other Councils and Courts.